Use tab to navigate through the menu items. He was later put on administrative leave for returning to work several days after getting contaminated with fentanyl while saving an overdose victims life. Now, after hearing similar complaints from friends of color, hes not so sure that mindset ever went away. end of your comment. Your account has been registered, and you are now logged in. "The Township has no tolerance for racist statements or any behavior that would demean or harass Township employees or the public," he wrote Tuesday afternoon. You know, police officers are always first at a shooting. The tip line is provided so you can report criminal activity within the Township of New Hanover that you have personal knowledge of or information that has been given to you. They could have destroyed it, but I dont think theyd do that. Even though his back injury prevented him from lifting heavy objects, his stuff was put in three boxes and piled up outside the station on North Charlotte Street in Gilbertsville. Doctors found spots in one of his lungs, the result of aspiration pneumonia. Multiple bags of merchandise from the Cedar Knolls Ulta were recovered from the vehicle valued at over $20,000 with several other bags with unknown value from other locations were recovered as well, police said. The announcement on August 26 came as something of a relief to those who assumed an internal investigation, conducted within such a small department, would amount to a whitewash. Upon arrival and after review of the surveillance video, Galenocuesta and Ramirez-Gomez were arrested and charged with shoplifting and conspiracy to commit shoplifting, police said. Im still broken.. "The chief is just as bad as Moyer" in his use of racist statements, Psota said. He replaces Kevin McKeon who did not apply for the job and retired in December after enjoying an unusual 10-year contract. WebNew Hanover Township Police Department (24/7) 2373 Hoffmansville Rd., Frederick, PA 19435 Norristown Police Department (24/7) 235 E. Airy St., Norristown, PA 19401 North Wales Police Department (8 a.m.4:30 p.m., M-F) In life-or-death situations, they run toward danger, but when it comes to their jobs, they just want to make sure they protect them, he said. WebNew Hanover Police corporate office is located in 2943 N Charlotte St, Gilbertsville, Pa, 19525, Brazil and has 6 employees. New Hanover Township hires new police chief John Ciarlello has served in Hatfield since 1997 New New Hanover Police Chief John Ciarlello, third from right, poses handle any situation, while seeking solutions to nurture the public's trust. At first, Psota didnt think much of it, figuring someone just threw trash on the boxes as a meaningless, but immature, slight. "This is not the guy to piss off. For his part, Keith Youse wants the same thing as other officers targeted by McKeon and Moyer to take them down. Police Records: 973-428-2493. They feel like theyre untouchable. He told me I knew youd come back, that my case was so clear-cut.. This was no petty littering, Youse instantly realized, buta racist statement, like those hed heard over the years from people on the job about his Asian-American wife and children. Officer Megan Pritchard arrested the people, 36-year-old Clarence Coe and 51-year-old Sheila Gilmer, who were both passengers in a vehicle that was stopped for a motor vehicle violation, police said. Frederick, PA 19435 Government Agendas & Minutes Board of Supervisors Boards & "He didnt like being told what to do by a doctor who said one of your guys is injured. Acquaro smelled alcohol while he spoke to Sedita, and subsequent field sobriety tests resulted in his arrest, police said. That assessment was accompanied by a letter stating that Youse was physically unable to perform his duties as a police officer. Its a camaraderie. Supporting Keith has always just been about doing the right thing.. Administrative Assistant for Planning and Zoning. He resigned. WebConstruction Official & Building Inspector. The township has committed to improving its standards for hiring police leadership and police behavior, according to a press release issued Tuesday by the Everything they could do to screw with me, theyd do. They include damning criticisms of how the Youse family was being treated by the township. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Western New England University, Michael attended the Morris County Public Safety Academy. The Hanover Township Police Department is scheduled for an assessment as part of its program to achieve accreditation by verifying that it meets recognized professional best practices. The first known deed issued in New Hanover was for 200 acres to Johannes Schneider, December 9, 1718. At the end, it was as if I was volunteering to help my community and getting paid to deal with their antics. Now, Youse would have to tell Sandy about the racist comments hed endured over the years. The whole department turned its back on me. The case is closed.. For the Youses, its not about getting one dime more than what were legally entitled to under the law, said Keith, who secured a private investigator license and is looking into possible security jobs in the commonwealths burgeoning cannabis industry or restaurant franchise opportunities. No-Cost COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster Clinic, Towns Join Together in Forming the Whippany and Passaic Rivers Flood Mitigation Task Force, 2023 Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Days. A Whippany man was arrested and charged with DWI Wednesday, Feb. 15, police said. How could they do that to Keith? - A Cedar Knolls man was arrested and charged with neglect of a child after he allegedly left The breaking point came on July 19, the day Youse went to the New Hanover police station to pick up belongings several months after his earlier-than-anticipated, injury-related retirement became official. They say its a police force where officers fear speaking out against McKeon and Sgt. Thats when Chief McKeon turned on me," recalled Youse, who returned to work a couple of weeks later. within our jurisdiction. The driver refused to stop for Delgauers lights and sirens and continued on Hanover Avenue until the driver lost control and crashed on Burnham Road in Morris Township, police said. William Moyer have instilled a culture of fear within the department. Through the support and respect of our community partners we His police career was over, but unfortunately it was not the end of the harassment he felt trying to secure his pension and back pay. A Cedar Knolls man was arrested and charged with shoplifting from ShopRite Sunday, Feb. 12, police said. Be Nice. Township Police Department are highly educated and extensively trained to We'd love to hear eyewitness If you forget it, you'll be able to recover it using your email address. Back in 1991, Keith Youse was ready to drop out of college and become a ski bum. The New Hanover Township Police Department is dedicated to serving with integrity. There, in that quiet corner of Montgomery County, he built a life and family with his wife, Sandy, who he married two years before that career move. We want the court of public opinion to know whats going on with these a**holes, and see whether the township will allow it to continue, he said. Im broken down, beaten down, with stress and anxiety, Youse said over lunch last week at the Limerick Diner. Theyre pretty much untouchable. Sedita was issued motor vehicle summonses for DWI, refusal to take a breathalyzer, windshield obstruction, improper turn, failure to inspect, reckless driving, careless driving, driving without insurance, failure to possess a license, failure to follow marked course, noisy muffler and driving with an open container. Officer Daniel Acquaro arrested the man, 26-year-old Emmanuelle Sedita, whom he originally stopped for a motor vehicle violation. With the hard work, dedication and support of the Mayor and A Cedar Knolls man was arrested and charged with shoplifting from Wegmans Thursday, Feb. 9. He just doesnt like being told what to do or challenged at all. After reviewing the video of the shoplifting and obtaining further information about the suspects, Miele was able to identify Jackson and Mcintyre as the responsible people, police said. Welcome to the New Hanover Township Police Tip Line. A litany of racist comments would be found inside should it ever be publicly exposed, they said, but they dont expect that to happen because its possessor now fears retribution from above. The members of the Hanover Township Police Department are highly educated and extensively trained to It was a hard decision to come forward, but we felt we had to publicly tell the story in order for it to stop and for change to occur, said Sandy Youse,during one of two recent interviews conducted just outside of the department's jurisdiction. If (Corporal) Dyas denies it, hes lying, the officer said. Even after hours of interviews, Keith Youse was clearly pained to talk about fellow police officers in such context. "We are an interracial family, and this is how we are treated? Montgomery County, PA Lieutenant Hatfield Township Police Department Jan 2019 - Present 4 years 3 Thiswasyet another stab or jab to us as a family. The symptoms of his injury would intensify in the spring and summer of 2017, when he experienced numbness in his hands and collapsed one day trying to get out of bed. Were trying to do whats right. Some of the accusations including a complaint filed because an officers wife didnt say hello to McKeon at the bank branch where she works sound like petty Mean Girls vindictiveness. I stewed on it for about a week and then filed a formal complaint with the board of supervisors, chief and township manager.. Dekkar Dyas, township manager Jamie L. Gwynn, Board of Supervisors chairman Charles Garner and the outside counsel retained by the township to investigate the racism claims. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. WebNew Hanover Township hires new police chief. She was also issued motor vehicle summonses for not wearing a seatbelt, police said. Through respect, fairness and sensitivity, we aim to safeguard the constitutional rights of all those that we come into contact with. Code of While surveilling the store because of multiple thefts in recent weeks that have been occurring throughout the state, Detective Peter Hermans saw a vehicle containing multiple people moving suspiciously throughout the parking lot about 15 minutes before the store closed, police said. HANOVER TWP. Officer Keith Youse received a commendation for administering Narcan to an overdose victim in July 2016. WebNew Hanover Township Police Department Welcome to the New Hanover Township Police Tip Line. He also serves as a Deputy Coordinator for the Township's Office of Emergency Management. Allowing the driver with a suspended license to drive a short distance to the police station to get water for the horse. She was released pending her court date, police said. WebStep 2: When you log on, you must enter the New Hanover Township Police Departments . Psota subsequently brought an FOP witness to a meeting with the chief, who would wildly scream at him. Hermans exited his vehicle, identified himself and ordered the suspects to put their hands up, police said. In 2016, Youse was driving to mandatory job training when a young driver rear-ended his car. The Townships program was officially established in March 2014. 26 Parsippany Road Development in Hanover NJ Affordable Rentals - Now Accepting Applications! Immediately, they called for an ambulance, which meant the police department would dispatch an officer to their home as well. One retired officer said the chief used the n word to describe the backs of the clutch pins that hold officers collar brass in place. Eventually, Allen got stuck in traffic and was forced to stop, police said. Those medical setbacks would ostensibly mark the end of his law enforcement career. In May, he was given two options: a hand-and-wrist specialist who told Keith Yousethat the injuries were outside his area of expertise, or a doctor who was no longer practicing. Share this page on your favorite Social network. Officer Dan Acquaro arrested the man, 38-year-old Jamal Deans, after he responded to the store for a shoplifting in progress, police said. (He did not respond to a request for comment from PhillyVoice.). He is still fighting to get the sick, vacation and personal time pay he is owed that will likely go to arbitration and has no idea when hell get his pension seven months after leaving the force. This whole thing has been so tough on all of us. You have permission to edit this article. Read on How Can New Jersey Be a Better Place for All Ages? Instead of inviting him out to eat with them, if they said anything at all, theyd tell him they were heading out without offering the chance to come along. Our officers maintain a high level of visibility within the community and work to identify and eliminate those conditions or situations that may be attractive to the criminal element. Kindly add your full name and hometown to the If they had answered her question, the supervisors could have cited several letters or emails sent in the wake of the July incident. It was disrespectful notonly to us, but to all minorities who live in this community.". By February, Psota suspected they were planning to fire him. Helping the public to understand the roles and responsibilities of the Police Department is an important function of the Chief. What makes matters even worse is that Youse knows hes not alone. From November 2018 through January 2019, hed work the 4 p.m.-to-midnight shift, but he couldnt perform the job like he wanted. peers because, in the words of one former officer, we all know that hes a problem child., , who returned to work a couple of weeks later. Not even family members are safe from petty vindictiveness, Youse and the other sources said, while claiming that New Hanovers Board of Supervisors and township manager turn a blind eye to whats going on, perhaps out of self-preservation or even silent complicity. I started to fear for our safety, she said. WebThe New Hanover Township Police Department, located in Cookstown, New Jersey is a law enforcement agency that has been granted specific police powers in Burlington County. with. Please provide as much detail as you can about date, time, location, descriptions or names of involved person, and details of the incident. Be Truthful. We could have settled the workers comp case in spring and I couldve started my life over, he said. The Hanover Township Police Department is scheduled for an assessment as part of its program to achieve accreditation by verifying that it meets recognized The information provided on this form will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. He was processed and released, police said. (The department) got an attorney and (officers) were told any correspondence with Keith has to be reported. RAVE Mobile He thenasked PhillyVoice to share such information with him and that "should I not hear from you, I shall assume that you have no factual support for these allegations.". No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism Hoffman was released pending his court date, police said. One particularly troubling vignette involves comments made by Moyer after a drug warrant wasserved in a low-income section of the township. - A Cedar Knolls man was arrested and charged with neglect of a child after he allegedly left his five-year-old unattended in his unlocked car at the ShopRite of Greater Morristown Saturday, Feb. 18, police said. The same response was repeated in April, a month which ended with the township claiming the pension-fund manager doesnt like the doctors letter, so you have to go see an approved doctor. His duties and responsibilities are governed by State Statute, Township Ordinances, and the Department's rules and regulations. The Youses are relieved, too, that the investigation will not be conducted by the department itself, but they arent about to back down now. After processing they were released pending their court dates, police said. Your e-mail address will be used to confirm your account. He also vouched for the existence of the book filled with racist and otherwise offensive lines uttered by officers. WebPlease note that the New Hanover Police Department is now at 2373 Hoffmansville Rd. 609-758-2241 ext. The jokes about his children coming out sideways. How his sergeant called the Asian-American pediatrician who tended to their children the gook doctor.. Former officers claim that New Hanover Township (Montgomery County) Police Chief Kevin McKeon (right) and Sgt. Racial bigotry never crossed my mind until this incident," the email continued. In November 2000, he was hired by the Hanover Township Police Department. We won't share it with anyone else. Were still working on it was the response from the township. People should feel scared about that., As things stand today, the township after stalling in its responses to Sandy Youse in the weeks after the August 1 meeting has hired outside counsel John P. Gonzales of the Marshall Dennehey law firmin Center City Philadelphia to investigate the claims. Ciarlello will also receive health, life and injury insurance paid by the township. Deans was detained and eventually arrested and charged with shoplifting. The next day, I wrote a very nice email to (township supervisor) Gwynn to let him know that I didnt appreciate how (McKeon) treated me, he said. On August 1, she stated her familys case at a supervisors meeting. Michael later became a Field Training Officer and for several months was assigned as a Task Force Officer at the Morris County Prosecutor's Office. This, because he said he still felt a little foggy when he returned to work. In March, the Youses asked about getting a pension check. He will serve a one-year probationary period during which he will be considered an at will employee without the substantive and procedural rights under the police tenure act, according to the Dec. 1 letter sent to Ciarlello from Township Manager Jamie Gwynn, who provided a copy upon a MediaNews Group request. Chance of rain 30%.. A few clouds from time to time. Two people from Newark were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) Thursday, Feb. 16, police said. Accreditation Review. Ciarlello began his police career in 1997 when he was hired as a full-time officer by the Hatfield Township Police department. The tip line is provided so you can report criminal activity within the Township of Officer Keith Youse at the state capitol. The Police Department sponsors numerous education and orientation sessions dealing with alcohol and drug abuse, neighborhood watches, and pedestrian and traffic safety. dandelion for dogs with heart disease, 3rd function valve kit kubota,
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